What helps me sleep.

  1. Skip caffeine. I have recently given up caffeine (even beloved coffee) and now sleep better than ever! 
  2. Exercise. Really getting your sweat on during the day can make all the difference in the world. It always makes me sleep like a baby!
  3. Comfy bedding. We changed our bedding recently. It changed everything! We love our ultra-soft bedding by Boll & Branch (It is made with 100% organic cotton).
  4. Use a sound machine. I use the app Calm. You can use this app for meditations as well but I just love to play one of the ambient songs when I sleep. Suspended Droplets is my favorite.
  5. Ditch electronics. I know I sound like a broken record, but this is SO IMPORTANT. Turning off electronics can really create a calm environment in the bedroom, which is just what you need for optimal rest. It's a must-do in my book!
  6. Drink a caffeine free tea. I love Sleepytime teas by Celestial Seasonings. My favorites are the Peach and Vanilla flavor.
  7. Read. As much as I love to read it seems like the process really just relaxes you enough to sleep. When I'm in bed it is the perfect thing to send me right to slumberland. 
  8. Take a warm bath. So relaxing + works like a charm. Studies show when you take a warm bath you will not only go to sleep faster, but will have better quality sleep. Sounds peachy to me!
  9. Diffuse calming oils. I love to have my diffuser right by my bed diffusing lavender. Lavender is apparently a great one to attain deep sleep. It works.
  10. Write down your worries. Take time to write down your concerns. Then write out the steps you will take to solve the problem. Once you have an action plan set, you will rest with ease.