Father's Day

Thinking about my Dad today. Dads are so important. I can't imagine where I would be today without the guidance of my Dad. His advice. He didn't have to talk loudly. Many times it was only a causal suggestion. But it spoke volumes. His words always made a big impact on me. Me. Like my mother, I am loud. When we would make our points we would do so by yelling. However. It made so much more impact when I listened to my Dad speak normally. Regular tone. Speaking his knowledge of what he thinks I should do. Especially when I was freaking out about something (that probably didn't even matter in the long run). 

It is 12:35 AM this Father's Day. I am so happy my dad is camping with my mom. They have been doing a lot of camping lately. Well-deserved retirement has been serving them well. Even though I am all the way in NYC, I miss my dad's advice. Sometimes I wish he would talk things out with me again. Like when I was a teenager. Help me get back on the path. But now I think of it, he is only a phone call away. And I should use it. I will use it. 

Dad, I am so thankful for all the advice and calming guidance you have given me these past years. Thank you for teaching me that being calm is many times the best option. Love you, and Happy Father's Day!