Easy Summer Waves Tutorial

I am definitely not a pro at doing my hair. Most days you can find my crazy mane in a messy bun. But somedays I like to mix it up. Summer waves are my go-to style when I want something flirty and pretty simple. 

Here's a quick tutorial for this hairstyle.

1. Start with damp hair. Spray on a thermal protection spray. I love the way this one smells and it works like a charm.

2. Next, blow dry your hair like you normally would. 

3. Then I take my 1 1/4 inch Ceramic curling iron and do random sections of loose curls all over. A flat iron or styling wand would work just as well here.

4. After I am happy with the curls. I spray on a sea salt spray. I love this one. It gives great texture and volume. I like to run my fingers through my hair for a more natural look. Lightly scrunching your hair with your fingers also adds a more beachy look. 

5. Finish with a great flexible hold hairspray to make your look last.

6. Rock your fun summer hair!

-If you want this look to really have lasting power. Sleep with your hair up in a high bun so the style stays longer. Its my favorite trick! 

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