5 Ways I Repurpose My Closet.

Hi guys! I hope you are all having a very joyful week. I started my week sick, but I seem to be getting better. Summer started this week and man did we ever start to feel the heat in NYC! I’m MAJORLY feeling the “sweat in the city…”. Haha! With all this heat, let's cool down and talk clothing:

As you know, I’ve always had a huge passion for thrifting and shopping for vintage clothing. I love my fashion finds and have fun repurposing special pieces. This week my friends at Aveda interviewed me about how I love to repurpose my closet. We chatted about one piece in particular, this GUESS dress from the 90’s. It fits like a glove and gives me major Clueless vibes: BONUS! You can check out the full interview here.

I love the idea of a wardrobe having a story. I imagine where my vintage pieces have been. I think of how they've been used to keep up with the latest trends. I then take that wardrobe story and make it my own.  It's fascinating how vintage pieces stand the test of time when they are creatively repurposed!

Today, I'm sharing some of my tips for wearing and, ultimately, repurposing clothing. I'm hoping you can find some gems in your own wardrobes to wear with a new purpose.

1. Turn that dress into a skirt/shirt. I know this sounds crazy, but hear me out. Thinner dresses are so versatile. Tuck your dress into a pair of high waisted trousers and you have another look entirely! Throw a sweater over a dress and tie a little knot at the bottom of the sweater and you've created a whole new outfit. I find high-waisted skirts and pants work best when tucking the dress in.

2. Get it tailored. There are times when I'm thrifting and I find something great that's not quite the right size. I convince myself to get it though, telling myself I'll get it tailored. Tailoring can really make all the difference, especially for someone who is vertically challenged.(Haha, I’m 5’1!). Clothes really look so much more polished when tailored. I suggest hunting for a great, inexpensive tailor. I have a go-to-gal down the street. Do the thing!

3. Toss, Donate, or Sell. I actually just did this a few weeks ago. You can, too! Go through your whole closet with three bins, one is for clothes to throw away (Worn out), one to donate (wearable stuff you aren’t too jazzed about anymore) and stuff to sell (nicer items). Going through your closet can be quite an undertaking, but I promise you this is so worth it in the end. Just one look at your cleaned out closet will give you such a sense of accomplishment.

4. Shop your closet. I know many days you find yourself shopping online. Why not do the same thing with your OWN closet. Unheard of? I don’t think so. You might discover some great finds! Take an evening to have a fashion show. Try outfit pairings you haven’t tried in the past. Add a scarf or different accessories to a look. Add layers where you didn’t before. The possibilities are endless. Shopping your own closet can be an adventure!

5. Be thrift store smart. When out on the hunt for items at the thrift shop, always try to plan what you need in your mind first. This will keep you from losing focus and getting distracted by items you don’t need. When you get to the specific section you're searching for, always look through all the racks, even racks marked for different sizes. I’ve found many of my favorite clothes on racks marked with a different size. --Maybe that’s where they hide the really good stuff! Be patient and have fun finding that diamond in the rough in the store or in your very own closet!