the power of a walk

When A and I are looking for something to do on any given day, we usually walk. We love walking to find new discoveries, reconnect with places we love and, most important, reconnect with each other.

We start from home and then....wander, wander, wander around the New York.  Pretty soon, we get hungry or our feet get tired. That's when we take a wonderful refreshment break and get a great opportunity to rest in some of the most charming places!

We try to find time to walk in whatever city we are in at the moment. Walking connects us to our surroundings. We see everything: the roots and underbelly of cities, a shoemaker opening his shop, old men playing chess in the park, children chasing each other while a fire hydrant mists an almost ethereal shower.

Our eyes wander up and down somewhat menacing skyscrapers. Our ears hear car horns screaming at passersby. Our noses smell the spicy {sometimes stinky} air that makes NYC home. (Although sometimes not so pleasant, haha)

I look at Aaron and think how lucky I am to be experiencing all the sites and sounds with someone I love. I see the wonder in his eyes as we discover new frontiers with each step.

Emotionally, a walk can center you. Physically, a walk can center you.

Your feet become your explorer vehicle, running from neighborhood to neighborhood.

For Aaron and me, our feet are the only vehicle we own! I think it's awesome our legs can take us to so many places. I am thankful for this. I'm also thankful for the power of a walk

+ photo by Morgan Ashley Johnson