an ode to denim.

Denim is as American as hotdogs and apple pie. Denim always seems to be the center of my wardrobe, circling in and out of my outfits like clockwork. I scored an amazing pair of vintage Wranglers a few weeks ago.  I can't seem to stop wearing them.

I love how vintage denim feels lived in and comfy.   Jeans can fit just right if you score the right pair.

When I try on denim I always do the wiggle test. Basically, this consists of me dancing around the dressing room like a crazy lady to see if the jeans feel too tight while doing my dance moves.

Next, I do the bend n'snap (Legally Blonde, anyone?). My move is practical, however.  When you bend over and straighten up, you'll find out if your jeans will hold up when you're working hard, taking a strenuous hike or climbing.

The jeans I found (thankfully) passed my challenge course with flying colors! Hooray! I think I will hold onto these babies for quite some time. As a matter of fact, I wore my new jeans for the holiday.

Aaron and I ventured upstate on the Fourth of July weekend. We went to our favorite spot in Peekamoose. We hiked all day and ended up at a secret swimming hole.

We had fun taking photos along the way. Aaron hasn't gotten to take my photo recently, so it was a treat to have him snap a few.  He is one of my favorite photographers!

We had a great time looking for bears (which didn't result in anything thank goodness), skipping rocks and hiking over creek beds (desperately trying not to slip and fall in).

It took a little coaxing to get me in our secret swimming hole (I'm not gonna lie). The water was freezing! My new jeans got quite a workout when I put them on, soaking wet from swimming. I should've remembered a towel! --Gotta be prepared for momentary adventures!

I hope you're having a wonderful week so far. -Remember the weekend is only a few days away. Get your blue jeans ready!