2 years.

2 years of marriage. 5 years together. Wowza. I love this man. Never in my life did I dream about marriage. I guess I was just not that kind of girl. I dreamed of dressing up for my job in the big city. The sound of my high heels on the cobble stones. These thoughts circled around my little girl dreams. β€œI like it here in Illinois, but I want to move to New York City”, I told my mother when I was eight. Turns out the dreams of a gal who was raised on corn fields and bring your tractor to school day really can come true. Even when I wasn't looking, dreams found their way. From the cornfields of Illinois to the tall beams of the Empire State. Dreams found a way.

Aaron, I’m so glad you found your way to me. You encourage me to pursue my dreams. Our dreams now. You once said you knew I was the one when you saw how hard I worked. β€œShe is a fighter for her dreams, her family and what she believes in” you said to one of your closest friends. Well, my dear, I feel the same way about you. Let’s continue fighting for our dreams (both large and small) together. 

Love you stud. Here’s to a million more arcade games and pizza slices.


+ photos by our very talented friend Wesley Stringer.