I turned 26 last week. My husband and I spent my birthday walking the beach in Big Sur, California. Dawn was breaking. This was just the way I wanted to start year 26: Peaceful...watching the waves crash.  

This was a great time to reflect on what I've done with the quarter of a century I've been blessed with.

I’m not gonna lie, my twenties have been pretty dang crazy. Lots has happened in my life and my career. 

I've had some wild years, made some bad decisions and some good ones.  I'll probably make more imperfect decisions to come, but isn't this the time for exploring?  The twenties are for messes, mix-ups and reinventions. Maybe I'll get everything figured out in my 30s, right?

Goals sound nice and all, but for some reason, since I've turned 26, I've decided to relax a bit from my goal-driven path. I want to take a breath and enjoy my blessings: my loved ones and friends. These blessings are what I want to have and hold. 

Career goals are great and will always be part of my life, but, right now, I want to sit back. I’m excited for what’s to come with my career, but I love just taking a deep breath to enjoy this life God has graciously given me. 

Twenty-six: I intend to enjoy every moment of you and never take my blessings for granted.