Weekend Inspirations no.4

A recipe. Can't wait to revisit this healthy pizza recipe again REAL SOON. Three cheers for healthy indulgences!

A destination. Really want to hit this destination in 2017. We will see!

A article. Saw Martin Scorsese's Silence and can't get it out of my mind. Best movie I have seen in years. More in this article.

A hairstyle. Because we all need some extra Zzz's + pretty hair to boot! Bam: Overnight hair tutorials. 

A house. In love with this chic and cozy barn house. 

A quote. A quote from an amazing women I had a lot of respect for who passed away this week. 

A video. This video gives me major high school reminiscing vibes. Death Cab for Cutie is still so good. 

A cute something. This bulldog puppy video! Oh my gosh!