tropical feels...

Rain rain...go away already! This week in NYC has been a rainy ole' bugger. Of course this really puts quite a damper on the walk to the gym in the morning....but I pushed on. Haha...even though I wasn't always the most chipper bunny in gym class. This week has me dreaming of salty air, late night swims in the Gulf of Mexico and all kinds of BBQ. Beach life is a good life. Am I right, bro?!

A lot of people think I came from California to the East Coast. Maybe my long blonde locks or easy going ways confuse me for a Cali gal, but, alas, I am a Midwestern farmer's daughter through and through. Hmmm...reminds me of a popular Beach Boys song. Listen here if you need a reference. 

I saw a glimmer of hope today when a ray of sunshine finally decided to peek itself from behind the clouds. Hooray sun! You were missed by New Yorkers of all kinds. Hopefully when you decide to come out for real during summer my pizza-fied body will be more bikini-worthy (not that it really matters to me, I'm always ready for a bikini-haha). Pizza body or not, sweet sunshine is always a great idea. Hope you guys had a great week! 

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