Hello 2017.

It's the new year. This one snuck up on me. I have to admit, I'm tired already.

A lot of sadness happened last year, paired with a lot of great things, too. There were tears and smiles. Sometimes a great belly laugh was thrown in as well. 

As much as I'm excited to get this year rolling, something inside me is telling me to stop. Rest. Take a breath.

As I get older, I've learned that pausing and appreciating moments can help us grow so much. We notice little nuances we didn't see before. Smell the roses. Pet the dog. Walk the beach. Listen to the snow.

Right now I'm sitting on a beach looking out into an unknown horizon. I'm not sure what's in store for me this year.

It's scary. Scary things can be exciting though. Whatever happens, I want to treasure these quiet, unplugged, imagination-filled moments.

I think if this year is filled with these moments, it will be a pretty rad year.

Happy new year, guys!