Bits and Pieces.

It has been such a joy-filled week! Just yesterday I got the opportunity to walk a runway show for Anthropologie with some gorgeous inspiring women. Also, I didn't fall on my face. Always a plus, right? Anyway, I wanted to share with you guys some of my favirite new things I have been loving lately. I cover everything from rugs to face masks in this post. So without further ado, let's get going! 

This shirt and these jeans from Madewell... and my new pet, Cuddles, my bulldog pillow. 

I love how Madewell makes clothes you can just throw on a be comfy in without even thinking about it. I love this shirt because it is so vintage inspired plus the color is such a stunning shade of pink. These jeans I am wearing are also very awesome. They have several different types of denim sewn on them so they have a very unique and hip vibe to them. 

Now you might have seen my bulldog friend Cuddles in my bedroom makeover post, but I love him so. I found him in a little shop in Amagansett, New York. But you can actually buy him here. P.S-he gives great cuddles! 


Sunday Riley's Luna Sleeping Night OilSaturn Sulfur Acne Mask and C.E.O. Moisturizer

I love Sunday Riley so much. I trust their products over almost all other for ingredient quality and results. These three products have proven to be my skin heros over the last couple of months. When I got some unsightly acne I used the Saturn Sulfur Acne Mask and I swear it clears my problem spots within days. Not to mention, right after I use it I feel like it gives me a bit of glow! 

The Luna Sleeping Night Oil I keep right by the bedside table for night application. Don't let the blue color scare you! That colors fades away when it is absorbed into your skin. When I wake up after having applied this oil to my face my skin feels so soft and plump. It's just nothing sort of awesome. Try it out!

Lastly one of my favorites ever has been the C.E.O. Moisturizer! The smell is delightful first off. The perfect blend of intoxicating citrus and freshness. I love to massage this into my skin right after cleansing in the mornings. Not only does the scent energize me, but my skin is so moist and glowy using this every time. Love it! 

This rug, basket, and pillow are from The Citizenry.

If you guys haven't heard of The Citizenry I am happy to introduce you now! The Citizenry is an amazing company that collaborates with local artisans in countries around the world to sell their gorgeous handcrafted items to us. One of the main things I love is that they pay the artisans fair wages, happy working environments, and sustaining grants, so they are able to take their crafts and their businesses to new places. Love this!

The Sierra Rug proved to be the perfect addition for this cosy corner of my dining room. Not only is this rug so visually beautiful to look at (and the perfect combo of my favorite colors ever!) but it was handwoven in Mexico by the women of Oaxaca. I like to think that every time I look at this rug I imagine all the hard work that went into creating such a beautiful add-on to my space. 

I love a good catch-all basket. It is one of my huge organizational secrets, actually. Just throw all your stuff into cute baskets, done! This Mercado Storage Basket fits the bill perfectly. It is so serviceable and wonderful (it's actually made out of Mexican palm leaves). I also think a plant would look really cute in here... a project for another day perhaps. 

A lady can never have enough pillows! The La Brista Pillow is the perfect pillow to throw on a couch, chair or bed. The colors in this pillow go with everything and add an interesting accent to whatever you pair it with. This pillow was handmade in Peru and you can definitly see all the stunning detail that was put in the stitching. A great go-to piece for decorating almost any space! 


Anything Yellow + More jeans from Madewell I love.

Cue the Coldplay song guys-haha! I have been loving all things yellow, perhaps its because the sun seems to be making its exit officially now, but I digress...

These glasses are my go-to accessory now. I'm trying to use them as much as I can before winter hits. I love how when I put them on they make the world seem like a much more sunny place (hey, it makes me happy!). They add a fun color pop to any outfit and are just plan cool which I'm generally into.

This top by Madewell has also been on repeat lately. It is the ideal light weight top you don't have to think about. Just throw it on and go! Unfortunately, it's sold out now or else I would tell you guys all to run out and buy it asap. 

Next up these jeans!!!! I love them. They are straight out of the movie Dazed and Confused (one my favorite films, btw). They give just the right amount of stretch but are sure flattering on pretty much any body type because they are high-waisted. Plus they are on sale! 

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