the layers we live in.


Have you ever had a time when someone asks, "How's your day going"? You say, "It's going great,"  but in reality, your day is a long way from great. That, my friend,  is called creating a layer. We New Yorkers, in particular, seem to apply a lot of layers to our lives. For example: Layers of being busy, layers of having it all together, layers of self-importance or "can-do-it-all" performance can create unrealistic images. Maybe it's time to peel back some layers. Of course, every waiter or retail worker doesn't want to hear our tale of inadequacy, but good friends or family might benefit from a glimpse at our vulnerability.

I try to be real with you. I sure don't have it all together. Quite truthfully, sometimes I need help...advice...insight...or even a good shaking! Sometimes taking away the layers of "I'm fine" and "it's all good" can be just what we need. Being vulnerable, letting the layers of exoskeleton fall off, can be quite freeing.  As a matter of fact, this has become the foundation of some of my dearest friendships. After all, people who share embarrassing info with each other typically have each other's back. Plus - what can beat laughing together about those stupid things we've done? Laughter can be the best medicine out there, right?!

As I'm writing this, I realize I accidentally missed a whole section of rogue hair on my leg while I was shaving. Haha - real life confessions of Brynn! So - go ahead and laugh at me. That's OK - I'm laughing at myself! Let's let the layers fall away and relax. We can talk about unwashed hair or stinky socks. Then, sometimes, we can share the more serious stuff, like hurts and pains and heartbreak.

I'd love for you to share with me. We could drop a few layers and maybe lose a bit of the weight we carry on our shoulders. I feel ya. I've been there too. So let's try this out together. Next time we're talking to a friend, family member or buddy, let's open up. We may be surprised to find out they're struggling with something they've wanted to talk about, also.

If you want to talk to me... just drop me a line.

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