the most yummy veggie burger.

It’s tough to find food that is fast to prepare and healthy. In fact, this is one of the first times I’ve seen the words fast and healthy in the same sentence! That’s why I was so amazed when I came across Hilary’s Eat Well

Hilary’s Eat Well has literally been a lifesaver. Not only is are the dishes easy to prepare and delicious, but they are certified gluten-free, organic, kosher, non-GMO verified, and vegan! This has been super important to me recently because I’ve gone almost completely vegan. I simply just like the way I feel more when I eat vegetables rather than meat. But, gosh, I miss a good burger! I’m basically constantly on the hunt for a great vegan burger. This is why I gave Hilary’s “World’s Best Veggie Burger” a try. I’m SO glad I did. 

I put together a quick recipe below, but you can have fun and mix up the ingredients in any way to make it your own style. Take my word though, this recipe below satisfied my cravings in a huge way!   

(makes 2)


1 box of Hilary’s Eat Well “World’s Best Veggie Burger”

2 organic hamburger buns

1 organic onion 

a handful of organic pickles 

a handful of organic grape tomatoes 

a handful of organic spinach 

4 strips organic vegan bacon

a handful of organic vegan mozzarella cheese 

1 tbs. butter

1 tsp. olive oil 

Your favorite dressing/sauce. I used Hilary's Ranch Chia Dressing.




1.  On a stovetop frying pan, cook the burger in the olive oil for 3 minutes on each side.

2.  Once the burger is finished cooking, turn off the heat and add the vegan cheese. Let it settle and melt on the burger before moving to bun.   

3.  In a separate pan, butter the face of each bun and lightly grill until lightly browned. 

4.  Move buns to a separate plate and add the burger patties to the bun. 

5.  Add all of your favorite toppings! Mine are listed above, but you can do whatever you like. Be creative!

6.  Eat the deliciously healthy veggie burger from Hilary’s Eat Well

7.  ENJOY!

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