the magic of movement.

Sometimes, I'd rather not move. I like to sit and hide from the world. Perhaps this is one of my main flaws. I'm an introvert with extrovert tendencies-haha. The old double whammy! I'm the friend you have to beg to go out. (lol, just ask my friends Christy and Harlee). Once I've hauled out the door, however, I have a good time, sometimes too good. OK - so maybe I danced on a table a time or two. Do I ever regret going out? No! I don’t even regret dancing on the table.

Some of my best memories involve doing something crazy with my friends. They're also my funniest memories. Like the time my friends and I ran from one end of a subway car to the other only to run out the door without saying a word. That was a good time. (Well, maybe you just had to be there). I’m not saying going out has to be crazy, but it does feel good to have some good ole’ girl time with your favorite ladies. Lesson one: Get moving with your friends. Movement can be something as simple as grabbing a coffee and talking about dreams. How about taking a walk to vent your troubles or getting together to sing your favorite Destiny’s Child song on karaoke? I'm glad my friends get me moving.

Social movement is good. Physical movement is even better. Take working out. You know, pumping iron and stuff like that (haha). Seriously, I've made some really beneficial fitness strides this year. I've found working out, whether it’s ballet class, pure barre, or just a run in my neighborhood, helps me drastically. I just love working up a good sweat. Honestly, I think some of my best ideas come during workouts. Also... let's talk about the amazing accomplished feeling we get when we finish a hard workout. Score! It's good to get moving physically. It’s the best medicine. Besides, if life gives you lemons, perhaps shaking in a good workout could give you lemonade. Hey, try it out!

Maybe the most obvious way to move is to travel. I tend to get antsy when Aaron and I have been in one place for too long. What can I say? I have a travel bug! I really don’t have to go far to satisfy the travel bug. For example, since I am a bit of a nature freak, I need my bare feet in grass. A quick subway ride or walk will bring me to a park where I can frolic as I please.

One classic Americana way to get moving is on a good ole’ road trip. I recently took one from Colorado to Utah with my best friends. Let me tell you, we had a blast. We shared lots of funny stories, national park hikes and one unforgettable Olive Garden dining experience. Don’t worry. I didn't dance on the table. (I’ll tell you about it later). My point is, adventure can be right outside your front door. Get moving to discover it!

The photos above are from my birthday trip last year. Aaron and I were on the California coast celebrating. During an early morning walk, Aaron noticed how great the light was, so I ran back to change into one of my favorite dresses and grab a few snaps. I loved running to the big waves and feeling them splash. Who cares about wet dresses? It's fun to capture movement in photos! Something special happened while I was running with my hair flying in the wind. I felt so free, like anything could happen. It was like being a kid when everything is fresh and new. I want these "moving" moments to last forever. Precious moves bring treasured memories.

I dare you to get moving this week. After all, you never know what may happen. You might just get captured by the magic of the movement!

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