Seasons of Life.


Fact: I hate change. Seriously. I’ve had the tendency to run away from change since I was little. I never liked when playdates were moved or when the school lunch wasn’t as advertised. The list goes on!

I’m a lady who thrives on ritual. I love the act of repetition. Call me crazy, but if I love something, I repeat it over and over. Love a restaurant? I will be there every few weeks. Find a good book? I review it every month. Get into a workout? I’ll do it every day. 

But do you know what happens to repetition and routine? Yeah... it gets screwed up.

You’d think, when you have a routine, your life magically falls into place. If anything, I’ve found the opposite to be true. Every day since I’ve established a routine, something throws me off my roll. Often I totally freak. Have you been there? For instance, right now I’m desperately trying to juggle so many projects at once. Many are totally new to me - and (did I mention) SCARY! Once I feel like I have one thing under control, another problem rears its head. Maybe I need to take a quick break from routine. Want to join me?

Perhaps what we need is to talk to an old friend. We could reconnect with an old high school bestie over the phone. Shoot someone a text. Talk about those crazy feelings we’re going through. It’s good to share hard seasons with others. Sharing helps take some heaviness from our shoulders. Also, sometimes we need to see how small our problems are in the larger scheme of things. For instance, I went camping with my husband recently. While camping, we got into a ridiculous argument over literally nothing important. In the midst of that argument I got a text from my mom saying her friend’s son had just died of cancer at the age of 24.

Needless to say, the argument came to an abrupt halt. We had to take a step back. Did we really want to spend precious moments arguing about meaningless things? Believe me, most of the time it isn’t worth it.

So...what I’m saying is life is all about change, whether we like it or not. As much as I get wrapped up in my comfy little routine, I am guaranteed interruptions. Arguments will come. Sadness may punctuate a day. So... let’s take a moment to run out into a flower field. Let’s reconnect with friends or family. Let’s shake things up and not get too “shook up” if plans change.

Goals and accomplishments are nice, but human connection is really what life is all about. When change happens, don’t be discouraged. I’m right here with you on the journey. We’ll face it together.

Sending you much love and light,

XX Brynn

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