Truth time: I hate wearing makeup. It feels cakey to me and just gross. Don’t get me wrong, I love it when I get my makeup done and I’m looking all glam, but, when I do my own makeup, I have zero talent. I have no patience with applying, blending, and contouring. If I could avoid makeup and get away with it, I would. I love going to the gym with my face completely bare. Sure, there are things I’d love to cover up, but as I’m getting older, I’m learning to be content with all my many flaws... or I’m trying. Hey, It’s a process!

Actually, I think some of my scars and imperfections are pretty rad. They’re a roadmap of my crazy adventures, stupid decisions, and funny situations. For instance, I have a scar under my chin from trying to do an awesome ice skating spin. I was being brave and trying something new when I was a teen. I was doing great, gaining speed, when... down I went. Man, it was so bloody! Haha! I had to be escorted off the skating rink by a hunky manager. Off I went to the emergency room. A few stitches later, I was ready to tell my skating tale to all my friends. I’ll always have this memory because of my chin scar. Love it. 

I have a bump on my nose from getting hit in the face with an air compressor. Sure, I know that sounds crazy, but theres a bit of the backstory before you freak. I grew up on a farm where our cats frequently had kittens. Well, when I was about eight, I was going to visit the kittens. I climbed up a wooden plank to get in the wagon bed to see the little darlings nestled in the straw. I didn’t know an air compressor rested on top of the wood plank…. yeah. It rolled down and slammed me in the face. I actually blacked out for a bit. Then my parents heard my screams (lol!). The blood freaked out my parents, of course. As it turned out, I got to keep my teeth and my nose wasn’t broken. I just got two black eyes and a nose bump. 

Roadmaps on our skin interest me. I’ve got more stories (most of them involve cats). I’d love to hear your stories! So... this is me: makeup free, greasy hair, bump on my nose, and scars. You know what? I like it. Our marks show us where we came from. Let’s remember and share laughs,  joys, and maybe some tears remembering how we got our scars and bumps. 

I love you guys and hope you love yourself, scars, imperfections and all. You need to know there’s no perfection on this earth. Let’s embrace our interesting imperfections and celebrate our unique roadmaps!