A Very Mini Iceland Guide.

Ugg. This week. This freaking year. It hasn't always been easy or fun--that's for sure. A highlight though so far has been our recent trip to Iceland. We made a short film there that I am pretty proud of and can't wait to share. I wanted to share some favorite bits and pieces from our trip, so here we go. 

Our favorite breakfast spot in Iceland is called Grai Kotturinn. Literally, everything is beyond perfect. I dream of these pancakes all day. It's also Björk's favorite spot. The actual restaurant isn't anything fancy or trendy. The food is also fairly basic. But it is exactly what I wanted and it was always such a delightful way to start the day. 

Browsing records in the sweetest coffee/snackshop called Vinyl. Highly recommended. 

My ride or die jeans as of late, these awesome vintage babies from Re/Done. Shop more of their jeans here

Chillin like a villain. We just bought some bags from Away and I have to say... I love how they work for both style and ease of use. They are a new travel essential for sure. 

This magic skincare by the wonderful May Lindstrom were total skin-savers in the Icelandic climate. I loved using The Blue Cocoon Face Balm to help soothe my skin that is very prone to redness. It smells so amazing and honestly felt like I was at the spa every time I would apply it. 

I also had May's Youth Dew Face Serum on hand when I needed a perfect glowy pick-me up for my skin. I would just take two drops and message it into my face before putting on the Blue Cocoon for an extra radiance boost. 

I love May's whole philosophy for skincare. She makes all of her skincare with the high quality ingredients and really encourages individual beauty. I can't reccomend her skincare enough. 

Found a new favorite bakery called Brauð & Co. that is a MUST STOP. Luckily, I found this place on the last day so I didn't have to be rolled out of Iceland like a donut, lol. I ate like 1,000 cinnamon buns here though and it was all worth it. 

Saw these little buddies seeking shelter from the storm while driving. We had to stop and say hi, of course. This is why I love Iceland so much, its the little unexpected moments like this. 

Our room at one of our favorite hotels in the world: The Ion Hotel. We are simply obsessed with the pool and the relaxation room (you listen to calming spa music and sip tea). We have been here over 5 times and love everything about it. The thing that sets this hotel apart from many of the rest is how secluded it is. It's ultra luxurious, but in the middle of nowhere, so bring food or enjoy their restaurant. 

Always love seeing magazines from all over the world at airports. I try to pick up new ones from every country I visit. This time it was Glamour Iceland.