What Keeps Me in Shape.

I’m definitely not the poster child for the perfect body or workout. For example, this weekend I pigged out on pizza and watched scary movies with my bestie. IT WAS AWESOME!  But, when it comes to my daily life,  I try to live by the moderation rule (although, sometimes, moderation looks to me like an entire pizza, haha). 

It's been a process for me to get the hang of working out every day. I tried a lot of workouts; dance classes and a really funky (and smelly) yoga class downtown before I found something that worked for me. 

I have always loved the art of ballet and I love repetition, so when a friend told me about a workout that combines the two I was curious. I started going to Pure Barre NYC in 2017 and have been going pretty much every day since. 

In Pure Barre,  you get to use ballet moves on a barre in small isometric movements. The music helps me pause and forget all my crazy problems. I love how Pure Barre gives a total body workout in one class. I've noticed a huge difference in the tone of my seat, thighs, arms, and especially my abs .

At Pure Barre NYC there are two types of classes you can take: The Pure Barre Classic Class or The Pure Barre Empower Class. The classic Pure Barre includes a warm up which sculpts the arms, thighs, abs and the seat section (or as I call it, the road-to-the-cute-butt-section, lol). The class ends with a super relaxing cool down, my favorite part.  The instructors speak softly and the movements are awesome and uber relaxing.

I love doing Pure Barre and feel really satisfied after doing the workout. After doing the Classic for a year, I've seen so much more tone in my body and I'm super happy with the results so far. I highly recommend you try the Classic class, especially if you are a beginner.  

The Empower Pure Barre is a faster paced more high-energy cardio version of Pure Barre. Instead of small movements, movements are much larger and you use a platform and ankle weights. I love to do two Empower classes a week mixed with maybe two or three Pure Barre Classics--just to mix it up! Oh,  I forgot to mention... you sweat like a dog in this class--haha! (or at least I do) Thank goodness they provide towels at the Pure Barre in Union Square! 

One of my favorite things about any class at Pure Barre is the sense of accomplishment and burst of joy I get after finishing each class.  A little under an hour working out is just the recipe I need to feel proud of myself. Its easy to fit into my busy schedule and works for me.

My Pure Barre workouts have become such a routine for me that I feel in a little funk when I'm out of town. I just can’t wait to get back into the groove of everything. 

With exercise, it all comes down to what makes you happy. For me, it’s Pure Barre. But for you it could be, well, anything. Just dancing around your apartment for an hour can be just the ticket to a perfect calorie burning workout for you. My advice is to just try things to find out what you groove with well like I did!

Happy Sweats to you!

P.S: If you are in NYC, Pure Barre NYC does an awesome new client special which you can check out here if you want to give it a try! 

P.P.S: Pure Barre NYC (where I go) has a really amazing selection of comfy workout clothes they also sell in the studio. So if you forget your leggings, workout top, or sticky socks--they have you covered! My outfit above is all from their little shop and it is for sure the comfiest workout outfit I own.