How I Keep My Hair Healthy

Hi ! I hope you’re having a beautiful week and are taking some time each day to help yourself relax and unwind. I haven’t been blogging much lately because I’ve been working on some really exciting projects (Announcements coming soon!!!). Today, however,  I want to hop back online to talk about something I get asked all the time: How do I manage long, healthy hair? Now, I’m not a hair expert.  I wouldn’t know how to use a heat tool to save my life! -What I’m sharing today is what’s worked for me to tame and maintain this crazy mane of mine. 

So...Here are my tips: 

Limit your washing

Hair produces natural oils. When washed too frequently, it can really dry out. I like to extend the time between my shampoos as long as possible. I vary my washing schedule depending on my  workouts, activities and also the environment. You can do the same. You can determine what works best with your hair and your activity level. -Just remember: There is no “every day” rule to hair washing.  Besides, it can be honestly annoying to have to deal with the wet head daily! 

Take your vitamins

I take prenatal vitamins (this is my favorite) and a collagen supplement (I love this one) which I’m sure contribute to my hair growth. 

I take the collagen with my morning green smoothie (which I will be sharing soon on the blog!) and the vitamins are part of my daily diet. 

Eat Healthy Proteins

Hair is made up of proteins, so it’s super important to eat high quality grass-fed meats to keep your hair looking it’s best. If you’re a vegetarian, then I strongly advise finding alternative protein sources, such as beans and lentils or rice and quinoa. A morning bowl of natural hot cereal with oats, nuts, milk, soy or almond milk can also boost your protein intake. I don’t eat meat everyday so I try to be conscious of consuming as much protein as I can from other sources (eggs, beans and nuts).

Get your Scalp Checked

My wonderful stylist at Salon FourteenJay helped me realize how important scalp health is as a mirror for overall health. A red or dry scalp could indicate some health or dietary needs. I needed to address some of these issues myself. 

-Be sure to be conscious of changes in your scalp. If it feels dry or irritated, this can be a sign of a deficiently or health concern. Follow up with a healthcare professional if you need to. 

Skip the Heat Tools or Dry Shampoo

I use a heat tool minimally (usually on set). This has really kept my hair strands and ends healthy and strong. 

Dry shampoo is not always my fave.  I personally try to use it only in a bind (i.e.water shortage!).  Some brands of dry shampoo tend to leave behind a lot of build-up on the scalp. This buildup can cause dullness and weight your hair down. -No thanks! Choose your product carefully if you must use dry shampoo. When I’m in a pinch I use this brand.

Do a Cool Rinse

I know. I know. Cold water rinses suck. I force myself to do it, however. I‘ll rinse my conditioner out with cold water after leaving it in for a few minutes. Cold water stimulates the scalp and makes hair super shiny. -Try it out! 

Drink Water

You’ve heard it literally a million times, but its true: Drink more water. The more water I drink, the better my hair (and skin) look. I carry a refillable water bottle with me everywhere I go. I refill throughout the day. I’m hydrating and protecting the environment. Now that’s a win-win situation!

Shampoo and Condition Thoughtfully

When I shampoo, I massage shampoo into my scalp to really get it into a good lather. I only shampoo my root area. I only condition the ends of my hair.  This keeps my roots from getting weighed down by the conditioner. This has worked great for me to keep my hair full and moisturized. My favorite shampoo and conditioner is Shampure by Aveda. I love the calming effect of the fragrance and the organic ingredients. Plus the formula works on my hair like a dream, its the perfect balance of moisture/softness with shine.

—So that’s my tip list for today! 

Let me know how my tips work for you!  

Happy Hair Day!  

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