My Travel Essentials.

I'm so excited to be partnering with Vaseline to share my travel essentials with you! It seems like I've been traveling nonstop these last couple of years. You know what? I don't mind it. 

One of the challenges of traveling, however, is learning what to bring and what to leave behind. Below are some favorite things I take in my purse on a trip. These items are lifesavers I know will help you, too.

1. A comfy travel pillow: So so necessary for domestic and international flights alike. I loved this little guy on my 23-hour flight to South Africa. You need this! It's comfort heaven.

2. Vaseline Lip Therapy Tin: This tiny tin has been my secret weapon forever! It keeps my lips super-moisturized and application is an absolute breeze! I use the Original Vaseline Tin every day. I also keep Rosy Lips Vaseline Tin on hand for an extra splash of pink on a special date night! 

I love how convenient these little tins are. Just grab and go! They're also perfect for on-flight moisturizing! Vaseline Lip Therapy Tins are definitely one of my travel beauty must-haves. You can get Vaseline Lip Therapy Tins at Target and!

3. Headphones: To put it plainly, headphones are my best buds--ear buds to be exact. Whether it's to listen to podcasts (find some of my favorites here) or to jam to some fun music hits (see an awesome playlist here), I couldn't travel without my headphones.

4. A snack: A snack is needed to stay sane on a flight. Some of my favorites are bananas (for potassium), almonds (for protein) and oatmeal (for fiber). P.S- Always bring extra water for hydration as well! 

5. A great pair of sunglasses: Flights can both strain my eyes and make them sleepy. I take sunglasses to combat both problems. Not only can you use them to shield your eyes from the harsh light, but they can double as a sleep mask when supplies are limited. I keep them within reach in my flight bag. 

6. Comfy Shoes: From all my travels, I can tell you one thing: heels and travel don't mix. Comfy shoes are the answer. Whether you're running to your gate or just chilling on a long flight, I never regret wearing comfy footwear. Even comfy shoes can be fashionable! Be sure to wear this essential.

7. My Passport: If you're traveling internationally, this is a must. Even if you don't have international plans, you should get a passport anyway. Who knows when you might get the travel urge or opportunity? My passport is one of my favorite things because it tells a story of where I've been. Love that. 

What are some of your travel essentials? I would love to hear them! Let me know!

This post is sponsored by Vaseline. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make Being Elliott possible.