The Guesthouse Vienna

I recently went to Vienna, Austria. This city is near and dear to my heart because I lived there during college. From my home base in Vienna, I learned to live in another culture, speak the language, shop and explore Europe. It was a great time of growth in my life. I came back from living abroad a totally different person.

I was so excited to go back to Vienna and was overjoyed to stay at The Guesthouse Vienna in the heart of the city. The Guesthouse helped me experience the beauty, the culture, the sights and, of course…THE FOOD, once again!

Oh goodness, how can I explain how amazing The Guesthouse is? The food was marvelous. Brunch was heavenly. We had delicious cheeses paired with various meats and wonderful fresh juice (It was so good). Dinner was divine. The chef treated us to a special dinner complete with burrata (my favorite cheese in the world) and yummy gnocchi. Dessert was orange tiramisu topped with passion fruit ice cream. Take me back!

Now let’s talk about the room. The view from our hotel window couldn't be more breathtaking. We had the perfect view of the Vienna Opera House as well as some of my favorite cafes in Vienna. Our room was decorated like my dream NYC apartment-mid-century modern with marble twists. I loved the bright art work! My favorite thing about our room, however, was the window nook. I really loved sitting in the window with a cup of coffee reading my book. When I looked up, the view would sometimes overwhelm me. Another unusual thing I loved about the room was the huge closet space. We actually had a walk-in closet! I wanted to take it home with me. Did I mention the tub was to die for? Having the luxury of a deep soaking tub is something I don't have often so I really took advantage. It was bliss!

Now lets talk about the most awesome thing about The Guesthouse: the location. Simply put, it ROCKS! It's literally right next to the Vienna Opera House. Amazing cafes (Cafe Hawelka & Cafe Diglas are my two favorites) are within a five minute walk and the U-bahn is practically right under you.

Vienna is a wonderful place to walk, however. We didn't use the train once. Aaron and I walked everywhere. Thanks to the awesome location of The Guesthouse, we could walk to my favorite places within minutes. Hooray for The Guesthouse!

This was a trip I will not forget. The warmth of the staff of The Guesthouse helped make it memorable. They were kind, attentive and caring. What a wonderful hotel experience! If you are traveling to Vienna, I can't recommend this place enough. The Guesthouse Vienna is a real gem with heart.

To learn more about The Guesthouse Vienna you can visit their website here.