Some thoughts on this special day...

Easter is such a special time. I love how it brings people together to celebrate. People celebrating new beginnings. I've recently been thinking a lot about how I see people. Strangers. Since I have been in NYC, I have noticed people not making eye contact, ignoring each other and going about their business and their business only. I am so so guilty of this. I feel like this great city has hardened me in some ways. It has saddened me as of late. 

I recently read a great article sharing some simple (but impactful) ways to make someones day better. I have been trying very hard to use these in my everyday interactions. Whether in line at the post office, at the checkout counter at Whole Foods or when i'm just passing a stranger on the street. Sometimes simply asking someone "how is your day going?" can make them smile or, perhaps, even make their stressful day a bit brighter.


Here are some of my favorite ideas from the article:

  1. Hold the door open for someone.
  2. Smile at a stranger.
  3. Be patient under pressure and use compassion as a guide for disagreements.
  4. Tell someone you see regularly at a business how they make your day.
  5. Pick up an errant piece of trash and throw it away, just because
  6. Ask someone how their day was, and listen attentively
  7. Put change in an expired parking meter
  8. Mentor someone, a child or an adult
  9. Send someone a hand-written card
  10. Talk to elderly people and listen to their stories to learn about life


Read more ideas right here.