Upstate New York Weekend Guide

I live in New York City. I love it, but, sometimes the best way to stay in love with this city is to get out of it every once in awhile. All you may need is some fresh air to keep yourself sane. Aaron and I needed some time away, so my husband planned a trip. Everything was a surprise. Let me just say, "Aaron did a GREAT job!" We explored a brand new area in upstate New York near a town called Barryville, right next to the Upper Delaware Scenic area. Here is a guide to the gems we visited:

Where to stay:

We stayed in this modern hotel in Barryville called The Stickett Inn. Are you laughing yet? We sure did... haha. This cozy hotel may have a funny name, but it's awesome!

Our room was outfitted with a round trough soaking tub, which was, in a word, AMAZING! It was so huge. Honestly, I took a bath every night.

The Stickett Inn is a piece of heaven in a great location. I highly recommend!

Where to eat:

There are many cute diners around the hotel which are great options. We also found a great breakfast/brunch spot 20 minutes down the road (in Narrowsburg) called The Heron Restaurant. It became our dining destination and our one-stop-shop for yummy local fare. A win-win!

We fell in love with the Homemade Biscuit With Honey Butter: a one-way ticket to biscuit heaven! On top of that, I found the breakfast burrito fresh and delicious. Aaron loved the Homemade Corned Beef Hash. Mmmmmm!

What to do:

Aaron and I love to hike. Hiking usually ends up taking the majority of our time... well, that... and eating.

We searched for the best hiking trails and found a real dandy in the Tusten Mountain Trail. You definitely get a bit of a workout with this baby. You also discover beautiful streams and wildlife along the way. Put this trail on your list.

Where to shop:

Antiques and yard sales are around every corner. Stop at as many of these as you can. You never know what treasures you'll discover. We've found some our favorite pieces from roadside stops and yard sales.

If you're in the mood for traditional shopping, visit Nest. I was elated to discover this beautiful shop right across the street from The Heron. Nest is the ultimate destination for everything from beautiful bohemian clothing and dream fragrances to earthy home decor from far and wide.

We found so many gorgeous items we wanted to take home, including a few benches we might be back for! Aaron surprised me with a pair of earrings for a special event coming up. I'm so excited to wear them!

All in all, you should take a trip to upstate New York and Barryville! Charm and adventure and, best of all, fresh air await! You'll love it!