Dressing up my bar cart for spring.

I just got back from a Smashing Pumpkins concert on the Upper West Side. We had to do A LOT of walking to get there and "Baby it's cold outside" in NYC!

 A few weeks ago, we thought the weather was getting better. Surely, this cold thing was over. But, with the possibility of SNOW this weekend, (You heard me correctly...SNOW) spring seems far from reach.

To combat this wintery-feeling, I've decided to do some spring decorating. My bar cart is up first. I want to brighten the cart with fresh flowers + new fun accessories. Here are some steps I took to achieve a springy look. These can also be used to bring a fresh, sunny look to any table-top or party buffet!

1.  Brighten with fresh flowers + mossy details. I love to mix different elements like these together. They're unexpected. Plus, moss is less pricey than flowers. You get more bang for your decorating dollar!

2. Layer vases. I love to add two or three vases instead of one. I also love to play with different colors, shapes, designs or textures. In this instance, I chose two vases of the same color in different shapes. This creates a very clean look and adds interest.

3. Add gold details. Gold elevates everything. My winter bar cart is primarily silver, so I decided to opt for some gold touches. My new martini shaker creates the perfect gold party pleaser!

4. Toast with fun glassware! To switch things over to spring, I added cute champagne flutes (which I also use for wine). My apologies to proper drink-ware friends, but let's shake up the glassware and top everything off with festive paper straws. Now we're ready to partaaaaay!

5. Switch to spring/summer spirits. These can be non-alcoholic as well.  Keep things fresh and light! Pimm's Cup is my favorite drink and is so so lovely in snow or sunshine. I love to add this liqueur to my cart. I also like gin for spring. It's so refreshing. Rosé is also a must. It's the perfect balance of sweetness + brightness. I serve chilled Rosé to party guests (always a crowd favorite).

Some non-alcoholic options include sparkling cranberry juice or just about any fruity drink which is all icy and healthy!

6. Drop some fresh fruit into any drink to super-charge your guests. They may need it if they have to go out and shovel snow!

Like I said, "C'mon Spring!"