To Mom.

As I was driving through the streets I grew up, I couldn't help but be flooded with memories of my life in this town. Coming back home always grounds me. My mother is the constant. With Mother's Day approaching, memories of growing up with my mom come back in droves. We seemed to be cut from the same cloth. Even the way we walk (with a purpose), links us. I was told I look like my mother. Being a mirror of such a woman has never been something to complain about. She is, and continues to be, completely beautiful from the inside out.

Mom has always committed her life to serving others. From a young age I remember following her as she led music to teach children the talent she was graced with. Born a performer, she lights up most when she is singing or dancing. As much as I love this side of her I also love the side that is quiet, and unassuming. I lived for nights when she would stay up reading to me. Her voice always comforted me. Because of this I will always read to my children. I can't imagine how hard it must be to be stable yet grounded constantly when you go through so much. I, of course, don't understand this yet because I've never been a mom. It's the most challenging job ever. She does it with such grace. I pray I can amount to one speck of what she's given me.

Thanks mom for your light. Thanks mom for your joy. Thanks mom for my life. Happy Mother's Day.