Weekend Inspirations no.3

A recipe. (Well this is kinda a recipe anyway) Can’t wait to try these refreshing flavored ice-cube combinations. Just in time for summer!

A destination. Itching to go somewhere tropical and hot, hot, hot! The Maldives seems to fit the bill quite nicely.

A article. (Or rather, a fun quiz!) Take this one to find out which leading 90’s babe you are! So fun! I got Laney Boggs from She’s All That! 

A hairstyle. A romantic hairstyle, perfect for a summer date in the park.

A house. The sweetest little micro apartment in NYC. It’s amazing how they can fit so much in such a small space!

A quote. Not sure who this is from, but I love it so. Comfort. 

A video. This video gets me every time. Laugh. Out. Loud. 

A cute something. The cutest baby argument. I just can’t. Love it!