Separation Anxiety.

Society since the 70s has promoted “I am woman hear me roar” and pushed the notion women don't need men, but sometimes, when my husband and I are in completely separate parts of the world, I really miss him. This doesn't mean I'm not strong or independent. It simply means I have a connection with my precious friend.

Aaron and I know we don't need each other to survive, but we realize making a conscious choice to need someone is very powerful.

We are both independent people. We run our weeks on different schedules, trying to overlap our time as much as we possibly can. Sometimes it feels like we're buttering bread and running out of butter. We might get spread pretty thin, but we try to make it work.

Aaron and I are about to go in completely different directions in the world. Aaron is going to be traveling all over the place filming from location to location. I'll be going down south for a bit of work and a bit of family time. This will be a long time apart, I'm not going to lie, even for us.

I must confess I really miss my husband when he's not around. I love his steady second opinion. I ask him for business advice, which is super helpful. It's also just nice to have his shoulder to lean on or his bear hug in the afternoon.

You could say I'm anticipating a bit of separation anxiety due to the space that will be between us. But, I will live. I just prefer to live with him.

So here's my confession: I may be a woman who can roar, but I choose to appreciate the value of a wonderful companion.

Have a great trip Aaron! I'll keep busy till your return.


+ photo by Kat Harris