Around Our Apartment No.2

I'm about to hop on a flight down south. Always moving. Always going.

This week I've been flying solo most of the time. Aaron was in Hong Kong and is now in London. Luckily, this has given me a ton of time to do what I love to do best: recipe testing! I've spent hours blending ingredients to concoct yummy creations (Stay tuned for recipes!)

Today I'm sharing some pictures from around my apartment. As you can see from my kitchen photo, my counter reflects the ramifications of my cooking: splatters all over my new cookbooks.

Alas!  Spatters happen. As a matter of fact, life happens. It can be messy at times.

Homes aren't always perfect. Mine certainly isn’t.  Homes, like people, have some quirky bits. I'm a firm believer those quirky qualities only make us and our homes more interesting.

So...heres to messy kitchen counters and a life full of creative quirks! Off we go on a new adventure!