On old, but good, friends.

Friends can come in all different packages. There are college friends you met while studying like crazy in the library, work friends you met while pursuing your dreams, and then there's another kind of friend, the kind that stays cemented in your life: the old friend. 

She's seen you at your awkward high school phase where acne and braces were king. She's seen you cry over breaking up with your first , second , third (and the list goes on and on) boyfriend. You've laughed together over dumb things, genuinely funny things, and also over things which are only funny because they reminded you both of a story from 1 billion years ago. Sometimes, you've laughed to keep from crying. 

This friend is different from other friends.  She's seen you change throughout life, but has kept by your side. She saw you go through your "emo" phase, "boy band" phase, becoming a "Spice Girl" phase...until....What phase am I in, now??? 

It's hard to find friends who stay by your side.  That takes commitment. 

My best friend since preschool, Holly, came to visit me last week. We went to Manhattan. That was fun, but, ironically, what we loved best was to just sit on the couch and talk and watch "Murder She Wrote" (Can't get enough of Angela Landsbury!) 

I love having a friend who, no matter how far away we are from each other, can still come and be content just to sit on a couch and watch old TV shows. Someday, Holly and I may become like "The Golden Girls". You know what? I don't have a problem with that!

Best friends are great. They teach you so much about yourself, but old best friends, well, they carry a different weight. 

Old best friends will tell you when you're being stupid, when your breath smells bad, and when you have something stuck in your teeth. You can't get closer than that!

Holly and I have been through so much. I'm always happy to offer my couch to sit together. Isn't that what "The Golden Girls" do?  

Come back to visit any time, best friend. 


+ photo by Ashtin Paige