Around Our Apartment No.3


I just ate a few donuts and now I fully understand why donuts don't qualify as a lunch item-haha. Even though my stomach may be bothering me, I wanted to share a few shots around our little Brooklyn apartment on this dreary New York City Friday. 

This week overall has been a chill one. I'm thankful for these kinds of weeks. The kind for catching up with coffee, extra snuggles and maybe-just maybe-one more episode of America's Next Top Model (my fave guilty pleasure show). You have to admit, Tyra Banks is fierrrrrce!!!!

I have enjoyed developing new rituals this year as well as bringing back old ones (cough* working out...*cough). This year is a year for appreciating your neighbor, smiling at strangers, and for remembering we are all in this together. Through sorrow, anger, joy and heartaches. We need each other. I hope you guys all had a beautiful week. Enjoy your weekend--maybe even with a donut...or two.

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