Love and Laughter


Love and Laughter. This is not a bad combination. It’s always been pretty easy for me to laugh. I laugh at goofy jokes, laugh at funny circumstances and, sometimes, I just have to laugh at myself.  As a matter of fact, laughter is a neat part of my relationship with my Valentine, Aaron. Even when times are tense, Aaron can make me laugh and love shines through.  

During this time when love and romance are being hyped as the be all and end all, let’s add a little laughter to the mix. Not everyone is in a relationship. Truth be told, Valentine’s Day can be depressing. So let’s help make each other laugh. Let’s reach out to others. Send a card to a bestie. Give a call to a Grandparent. Share a funny story. Tell a joke. Go out and laugh together.   

Giving the gift of laughter is a great way to lighten someone’s load and show you care. Let’s share some love and laughter this season. Sending lots of love your way during this week! 

+ photos above by the very talented Katherine Joy Photography.

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