My Rituals.


Every day can bring it's own fair share of challenges. I’ve found it’s important to do little things throughout the day which make a big difference in coping. I have developed some rituals that help keep me balanced in the craziness of busy days. Here’s my list of rituals that keep me grounded on a daily basis.

  1. Eat Healthy foods. I try to keep it simple and fresh and avoid caffeine (which tends to make me anxious!).
  2. Practice quiet time. At night, Aaron and I often read together to unwind. Our reading is basic - like my hometown newspaper.  Who doesn’t want to read the high school cafeteria menu?  Haha! 
  3. Laugh-especially at yourself.  I find humor can diffuse a lot of stress.
  4. Work out! Man, oh, man do I need to move to keep emotions and worry under control! It helps me think really clearly too. 
  5. Get out! Nothing beats a blast of cold air in the face to divert your attention! A brisk walk on a spring day can also put some “spring” in your step!
  6. Reach out - There’s nothing like helping others to put life into perspective. Life can always be worse. Don’t be self-centered, be others-centered.
  7. Say thank you.  Every day I list five things for which to be thankful.
  8. Pray. Sometimes my problems feel so much bigger than anything I can deal with. Praying helps center me and gives me some great perspective on the world around me. 

What are some rituals you do to make your day better? Let me know! Can’t wait to hear from you!

— Brynn 

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