Bedroom Details.

My bedroom is my haven. I like to keep the room  fresh and clean. I want it to feel airy and light. Doesn’t everyone want to float on a cloud when they go to bed ?  

When Aaron and I redecorated our bedroom recently, I tried my best to make it a reflection of who we are at our core. Our side tables, artwork and various knick-knacks reflect our travels, our loves and our personalities.

Simple, soft comfort is important to me, so is health. I choose bedding from Boll & Branch for all these reasons. Boll & Branch sheets are ethically made from sustainably sourced organic cotton. Nothing feels better than ending a stressful day by crashing onto my super soft bed. Pure bliss!

Because my bedroom is my haven, I spend as much time as I can there. I love to lingering in bed mornings and evenings-reading, sipping coffee or tea and just enjoying the cozy space.

As a matter of fact, I’m feeling a bit tired. I think I’ll grab my tea and move on into the bedroom -Maybe I’ll just put up my feet and rest a bit. 

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Our Bedding: Pleated Sheet Set in White , Solid Hemmed Sham in Ivory, Hemmed Duvet Cover in WhiteWaffle Blanket in Natural