Fly Away to Malibu.

Aaron and I recently went to California for work and it was amazing. The smell of the ocean always seems to be the perfect recipe for blissful happiness for me. We started in San Diego (it was my first time there and I absolutely LOVED it)  and then went on little road trip to LA. We blasted our music with the windows down, it was heaven! While we were in LA I was able to stop by Shop Doen’s (a very beautiful ethereal clothing company) Pop-Up shop at the Brentwood Country Mart in LA. I absolutely loved getting to see all the gorgeous pieces in person! I ended up with the most perfect summer dress ever, complete with florals and delicate details. If you have a chance, check out their online site to be blown away by stunning piece after stunning piece. 

While we were in Mailbu we went on a day trip to Ojai and stopped by El Matador beach on our way back. We got some shoots in my new dress with me running through the waves. I always cherish our times like this together. Just me, Aaron, and the wide expanse of the ocean in front of us. Full of possibilities.