out in the neighborhood.

Been craving things that are just plain comforting lately. Whether it be old friends coming to visit, maybe a slice of apple pie, an old book that is so familiar, or the perfect pair of blue jeans (that donโ€™t make you feel like you have a food baby). Two of my best friends were able to make a visit up here in June. It was so refreshing to just snap back after not seeing each other for awhile. I love how friendships work like that. Itโ€™s truly one of the most wonderful things in my life. 

We ate too much, walked too much, and were able to explore my favorite neighborhoodshops. Just taking walks, laughing at nothing, and talking about anything was exactly what I needed at that moment. My best friend Hannah is an amazing photographer with a very keen eye for beauty in the intricacies. 

While we explored my little neighborhood in Brooklyn, she got some shots of some of my favorite new (but they feel old in the best way) jeans from my friends at Madewell. I love how I can just throw on these jeans and not have to worry if they will make me feel uncomfortable if I decide to have that extra slice of pizza (because as you guys know I will have that extra slice-lol).  

I hope you all are having a calming week despite the sadness. Try to bring kindness to your own communities. No matter how small. Smile at strangers. Hold doors for your neighbors. We can make all the difference if we just choose to make the right choice to love. 



//  Top: Madewell Jeans: Madewell Shoes: Converse 

taking a breath.

2017 has been a super weird year so far. I've experienced a lot of self-introspection and a dash (or more like a heaping scoop) of self-doubt. I'm thinking...maybe...just maybe, some great answers are coming out of this crazy year. 

This year has been a year of breaths...deep ones. I've had to tell myself to step back, rewind, and ask: "What is most important? Is this worth getting upset over?" I recently read something which meant a lot to me. It said, when you are worried about something, pretend like you suddenly shoot up in the air and are sitting on a star. You look at your little problems on earth. They look small. This has helped me immensely to figure out what is truly worth my time and energy. Hint: worrying isn't worth it.

Problems seem to take me over sometimes. I feel frozen. A voice shouts in my head saying I should just retreat, curl up in ball, veg out in front of Netflix and let the problem conquer me. Just viewing my problems from the vastness of the cosmos puts things back in prospective. 

Learning to take a breath and being conscious about the simple act of breathing is something I've learned to work on. Breathing helps connect us back to ourselves. 

When I feel panicked, I've noticed my mind races fast. It feels like my thoughts are running away from me and I'll never catch them. Just grabbing these moments and taking a few deep breaths has brought me back to reality on more than one occasion. 

I know a lot of times when you're stressed or struggle with self-doubt, you think you're the only one who feels this way. This is a complete lie. We all have a tendency to struggle. I do, too.

Keep your head up and know this. If you ever need to talk through anything or just need a kind word, please send me an email. I'd love to talk to you. Iโ€™m not a professional counselor by any means, but I love a good chat. Please email me if you ever feel the need: beingelliottblog@gmail.com.

Love you guys and remember to take care of yourselves. 

P.S- Pizza is also a great smile inducer. Hey...it works for me! 

+ photos above by my talented friend Morgan Johnson.

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Our Bedroom Makeover.






The process of redecorating our bedroom has been quite a long one. We started, stoppedโ€ฆ then started again. Now that we're done, we can simply relax and enjoy the space. It was important to make our bedroom a place we can just sit back and enjoy, maybe even have a slice of pizza! (haha) 

Itโ€™s taken a while, but over the past three years weโ€™ve worked to transform this room from a bachelor pad to an escape from the hustle and bustle of it all. 

It's finally done! I'm so happy!

As the day winds down, all I can think of is crawling into bed and cuddling up in my new sheets. I look forward to this every day! 

Our bedroom is a mixture of laid-back California vibes, hints of luxury, plus a dash of humor. (Cue the "I love pizza" sign!) I also love to include pieces from our travels. Our bedroom includes items from Hong Kong, London, South Africa, and Morocco. We also added a giant photo Aaron took in Iceland at the Blue Lagoon, framed via Simply Framed.

As many of you know, we got married in Iceland almost three years ago, so Iceland will always be so important to me. Waking up and looking at that photo each morning brings me so much peace!

Another aspect we wanted to focus on is to have lots of seating. I know it sounds weird to have lots of seating in a bedroom, but in a New York apartment with limited space, we wanted to have lots of options for people to sit during our parties. We came across some amaaazzziinnggg seating options at Zinc Door, so now we have 2 leather benches and --Aaron's favorite-- a cow hide chair that he drinks his morning coffee on while I catch some more shut eye {sometimes}. It's so calming!

We also decided to make a bold grown up move and opted for a beautiful rug from Loloi.. It added so much warmth to the room. Not to mention, it feels like walking on a cloud, which is pretty rad. 

There is so much more I could say about the room, but check out our extended interview and photos over at MyDomaine. 

PS- if you like any of the items you see in the photos, check out the links below.

Bed: West Elm // Bedside Tables: One Kings Lane // Bedside Table Candles: Diptyque // Lamps: Zinc Door // Rug: Loloi // Dresser: CB2 // Blue Candle: Le Feu De L' Eau // Brown Leather Bench: Selamat // Large Blue Lagoon Photo: Framed by Simply Framed (photo by Aaron Craig) // White Leather Bench: Zinc Door // Chandelier: Shades of Light // Bedding: Paracute // Gold Pillow on Bed: Leah Duncan // Blue Pillow on Bed: dekor&co. // Throw Blanket: The Citizenry // Blue Abstract Artwork: self-made // Cowhide Chair: Zinc Door // Bulldog Pillow: AREAWARE // Shibori Pillow: Society6 // Shelf: Zinc Door // Vintage Louis Vuitton Suitcase: (similar) // California Jacket: Stoned Immaculate Clothing 

My outfit // Dress: Reformation (similar) (similar) // Earrings: Annie Costello Brown 

+ photos by our very talented friend, Lindsay Brown