getting lost in Joshua Tree...

It’s been a few months since our trip to Joshua Tree National Park. Aaron and I both had not been there before, so we took it upon ourselves to try to explore every lovely inch of it! While exploring, I threw on this dress because we thought it would make for a pretty great contrast to the glorious rocks and strange other-worldly trees. I loved running around for a bit in this totally swoon/twirl worthy gown. I guess these are the times we will remember; times when you run around like you are 8 again forgetting about, perhaps, the pokey cactuses and wildlife all around. I’ll treasure these moments and keep them with me when the New York City life is getting me down. More on the California trip coming soon! I hope you guys are having a week full of unexpected delights! 


// Dress: Reformation (similar) Shoes: Blundstone 

Overcoming Self-Doubt


Now this title is a little misleading, but bear with me. I am so so SOOO far away for conquering self-doubt. I mean… it’s quite the process, people! My struggle with self-doubt will probably never be over until I am maybe in a walker… or maybe dead. Despite this I figured I would share a bit about my journey so here we go. 

As a small business owner, my days usually look quite different. My daily schedule changes, depending on the projects I'm tackling. 

Some days I leap out of bed like I just spotted a really cute bulldog. You know the feeling. I'm bright, expectant and ready to take on the world.

Other days, if I'm between jobs or am overwhelmed by assignments, I may feel down in the dumps. On those days, I try to remember we are in this together. Everyone feels inadequate or has self-doubt at one time or another. 

The beauty in this is we can overcome these down-in-the-dumps feelings by simply remembering this is normal! We all experience ups and downs. We can learn from down times, too.   

Some of the best growth has happened (especially for me) during my rainy (or sometimes even stormy!) days.  

Rainy days or cute dog-spotting days. We can get through anything once we realize we are not alone.

This concept has not been an easy one of me to grasp. I feel like the way the world yells out most of the time is to play a comparison game. The ole’ do or die speech. I suppose this much can be true from time to time—but not all. Sometimes I find that when I am still I feel the most content. Perhaps putting the stop sign up in our own lives-maybe just a little at a time at first- is really the best medicine for Self-Doubt. 

To be continued…

//  Top: Madewell Jeans: NYDJ Shoes: Bryr Clogs Bag: Anne Klein 

+ photos by Kat Harris

a bit on love...

I've learned a lot about unconditional love lately. Sharing my life with my precious husband has taught me love is a choice, a choice we make every day. 

Knowing love is a choice and not some fleeting feeling can be very empowering. We may not always feel like loving, but we can certainly choose to love.  After feelings fade, love can continue. My parents and grandparents have shown me the joy of making a love choice for life. 

Life will never be perfect. We shouldn't expect people to be either. The most blessed thing we can do is to love without expecting anything in return.  

Our friends, family, and spouses need our love and understanding. I need love and understanding! To put it frankly, I'm not always loveable!

One of my favorite verses starts out: Love is faithful. Love is kind. Love is not selfish. Love keeps no record of wrongs. Boy, I could just camp on these sentences and my love journey would take a lifetime!

I'm at the beginning of this journey and stumbling a bit along the way, but I pray I can love as I want to be loved, with grace and forgiveness.

Let's choose to love. Let's hold hands and walk together on this journey. Let me know how your walk is going. I'll share my humble stumbles and love lessons along the way!

+ photos above by the very talented Katherine Joy Photography.

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