flowers in my hair...

We recently took the most magical trip to California. We went for work but, after projects, spent some much-needed time together.

We explored some of our favorite spots, staying in a cozy Malibu house. We enjoyed days by the ocean and even read some books outside. How relaxing is that???

As we left our cozy retreat, we drove by this quaint stretch of land full of  gorgeous wildflowers. I practically jumped out of the car to get a few shots. What fun to dive in and smell the gorgeous yellow flowers, and, of course, dodge the bees (haha)!

Here's to opportunities to stop and "smell the flowers" (and maybe pluck a few for your hair!) I hope you have a chance to enjoy a springtime flower field, too.  

Also...if you're headed to on the lookout for my California guide to all things cozy, simple, fun and flower-packed.      

Coming soon!  

love is a funny thing.

Love can be funny. One thing that's helped my marriage is a sense of humor. Sometimes a well-timed joke is just the right medicine. It hits the spot. 

Sunday was the anniversary of our engagement. Aaron and I got engaged in Paris in the gardens of Notre Dame. The funny thing about the engagement was... I didn’t actually say "yes". Ok, let me rephrase that. I didn’t say yes right away. 

Of course, I loved Aaron. He was the only one I could ever imagine spending the rest of my life with, but was I ready? Did I feel ready? Heck no! 

When Aaron popped the question, I was scared out of my bones. I was out of breath and practically hyperventilated. What a sight! I probably looked like some crazy tourist lady to the locals. 

Looking back, I’m kinda glad I didn’t say "yes" right away. Deciding to love someone forever is a hard decision. I didn’t take this lightly. After all, my life flashed before my eyes! 

Thirty-five years ago, my mother actually said "no" to my dad when he asked her to marry him. Even though she loved my dad, she high-tailed it to Europe and backpacked her way through the tough decision. 

I guess I have some of the same wild spirit in me. It showed up in Paris. Mom always taught me to be independent and to chase adventure, so I had to take some time before I decided to share my adventure with someone else. In the end, however, both my mom and I found our way back to the men we loved. 

I’m glad I said yes to Aaron. He makes me laugh. He makes me breakfast. PLUS, he makes the best homemade pizza in my life. Seriously, he is the best adventure buddy I could ever love to laugh with. 

I’m glad love can be funny. Don't take things so seriously you lose sight of the fun. As for me, life is a lot more fun now that Aaron is my partner in crime. 

A pause.

Pauses are interesting.

Pauses take all shapes and forms, but they are necessary. Sometimes you just need to hit the remote control and take a break.

Through my 26 years of life, I've experienced pauses for health issues, for death, and, sometimes, pauses for life. I've got to admit I've put this blog on pause so far this year. I've been taking much needed time for family, old friends, and some very valued time for myself.

I think, sometimes, especially in New York City,  you can get so wrapped up in the game of it all you forget to press pause. You forget to even take a breath.

I'm glad I pressed the pause button, but now it's back to blogging!  Watch for more stories, recipes, tips, fun and exotic explorations!

I'm taking the pause off my blog, but I'll still cherish the moments of reflection. Matter of fact, I might share some with you. Let's walk together through this hyper-social landscape and take time to pause along the way to admire the view.

I look forward to getting together again!

In the meantime, let me know what you discover when you hit the "pause" button.